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Central Square

Seaside, FL


Urban Design

Central Square is the heart of downtown Seaside. In response to public health measures and the increased demand for outdoor dining, the town closed down Central Square to vehicular parking. This new public space plan reimagines the public promenade as a fully-pedestrianized space. The right-of-way is divided into three zones: a central spine for circulation, an extended lounge area adjacent to the building arcade, and an active zone next to the palm tree allee. This strategy provides ample areas for shaded lounging and dining as well as designated spaces for more active play, including lawn games and the new Seaside Swings.

The phased activation plan also envisions the development of three small event plazas that can support arts and culture programming and create smaller focal points within the larger square: from the oak grove of Solomon Court to the open plaza of Central Square to the playful water feature of Post Office Plaza. Ultimately, this new plan reimagines the core of downtown Seaside as a true pedestrian open space.