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Collins Canal Park

Miami Beach, FL



The $500 million renovation of the Miami Beach Convention Center and Convention Center Public Spaces, includes a new signature six-acre Public Park designed by West 8. Isaac Stein was the lead designer for this project.

Situated among residential neighborhoods, the New World Symphony campus, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and Miami Beach’s signature Lincoln Road, the 40-acre Convention Center district adds twelve acres of public space restitching the convention center to its neighborhoods and providing shady, relaxing green spaces.

The Collins Canal Park is a 3.5-acre linear park along the north side of the Convention Center. The park serves as a background for the historic Carl Fisher Clubhouse, the City’s oldest building, and establishes new paths and a sculpture garden along the Collins Canal. The park also features ample shade trees, a butterfly garden, a ballroom terrace, and a plant palette that showcases South Florida’s notable primordial plant life. The southern bank of the Collins Canal was reseeded with mangroves to restore the littoral shelf of the canal; and most notably, a majestic Strangler Fig is preserved and celebrated as a focal point along Washington Avenue.