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Johnston Square Open Space Plan

Baltimore, MD


Urban Design

The Johnston Square Vision Plan provides a road map for equitable neighborhood investment. After decades of disinvestment, blight and crime, the neighborhood is positioned to rebuild a more humane and resilient community. The neighborhood is poised to take advantage of proximity to competitive real estate markets, employment centers, major institutions, and regional transit access. This Plan builds on the benefits of its location and leverages key internal strengths: organized leadership and available developable property.

The following goals are supported by initiatives and recommendations to advance the neighborhood vision: 1) Create a Vibrant and Connected Public Realm for All; 2) Build Impactful Developments to Create a Mixed Income and Diverse Community; 3) Develop Sustaining Programs and Operations to Support Social Networks, Reinvestment and Economic Growth

Department, LLC worked with ReBuild Metro and the entire ReBuild Johnston Square team to survey, map, and create recommendations for the vision plan. These included an overall open space plan, green infrastructure strategies, block-scale urban design strategies, and planting plans. The development of this process led to the establishment of an open space corridor between Penn Station and John Hopkins.