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Knitting Mill + East Haven Creek Study

Norfolk, VA


Urban Design

This study examines the local watersheds of the Knitting Mill and East Haven Creeks in Norfolk, VA. The area of study, like many flood-prone urban areas, is located within historic wetlands of the Lafayette River, Knitting Mill, and East Haven Creeks. Historic maps indicate that present-day flooding occurs most intensely within areas that were once park of the creek and then infilled.

This neighborhood-scale study analyzes underlying and latent opportunities within the urban fabric to mitigate frequent flooding. In particular, three blue/green infrastructure typologies link localized flood reduction strategies with discrete part of the urban fabric: Blue Streets transform right-of-ways in the better stormwater conveyors, Stormwater Pocket Parks increase the local infiltration and retention capacity of residential and vacant lots, and Outfall Parks create floodways along the historic creek outfalls. These interventions are strategically placed to take advantage of their elevation and the infrastructural capacity, but also focus on contributing to the public realm and to the future development of the neighborhood.

Client: Wetlands Watch