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North Beach Oceanside Park

Miami Beach, FL



North Shore Open Space Park is a 28-acre waterfront park at Miami Beach’s northern boundary. Isaac Stein was the lead designer for this project and coordinated the extensive design review and approvals process with the City of Miami Beach.

The waterfront park is an anchor in the urban fabric. The goal of the park design was to curate and preserve the beach’s coastal ecology, create a series of walkways, and enhance and consolidate programming and uses.

Several unique features of the park include the sculptural concrete gateways, which provide a sense of arrival at key access points, as well as the densely planted areas of coastal habitat. The park is comprised of groves of maritime hammock trees as well as sea grapes and palm trees running the length of the park, which ultimately creates a lush dunescape. The project is ongoing, and construction is scheduled to start in 2021.