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The Court

Seaside, FL



The Court is a renovation of the Seaside Motor Court, designed by Scott Merrill and built in 1989. The project consists of two interior courtyards and a cafe and streetscape design along Scenic Highway 30-A. Within the main motor court, guest cabins open onto a shared central courtyard that showcases North Florida’s unique coastal scrub landscape. Sand live oaks, sabal palms, palmettos, and a mix of scrub flowers and mints create a lush and intimate landscape that mediates between the private cabins and the central grassy lawn. The curb stones are made of custom tabby concrete block that draws on a traditional, regional method of forming concrete with dense shell aggregate.

The smaller northern courtyard functions both as a stormwater catchment area for the entire site and a tupelo grove. Finally, along the scenic highway, new decking, planters, and a seating area engage the sidewalk to create a more urban and dynamic streetscape setting.

Currently under construction.

Client: Seaside Community Development Corporation
Collaborators: Florida Haus, Artisan of Seagrove Beach, Thos. Stein Inc., Potter Landscaping
Size: 30,000 SF
Budget: $600K